Who Are Your 12s?

Published: October 3, 2017

Challenges always appear as life and business happen. Do you have fans helping you overcome those daily challenges? #RelationshipsMatter

During a recent road trip to watch the Indianapolis Colts play, it was amazing to see the Seattle Seahawks fight through the diversity experienced during the game. The more difficult it got on the field, the louder the Seahawk fans became in support.

In a ritual carried out before opening kickoffs, a flag is raised in honor of the “12s”…a recognition of fans and the role they play in every home game. These fans proudly see themselves as active participants in the game; just like having a 12th player on the field.

Blue flags displaying “12” are all over Seattle. The relationship between the team and its fans has generated a passion that results in arguably the loudest stadium in the NFL.

Can relationships deliver that same passion and support for your business?

When Relationships Matter, sharing your story with the right people is like playing with extra players.