About Affinitates

Do you need to meet more people?

Or do you need to meet more of the right people?

Affinitates Puts you at the Table with More of the Right People


Authentic Relationships...Conversation with Decision Makers...Tell Your Story

Surround yourself with others having enthusiasm, energy and passion for what they do. Special things happen when like-minded business leaders tell their story in a structured environment.

When you find large events and lead generation programs aren't the right approach, it’s time for the deliberate & targeted approach of Affinitates.


What makes Affinitates different?

Structured Approach

Intimate Events Engaging Quality Decision Makers

Aligning Passion/Purpose with Messaging

Facilitated Introductions

When relationships matter, there is nothing like Affinitates.



"The luncheon design is great for business leaders who appreciate relaxing and getting to know each other and their passions, without focusing on 'the sale'. It provides an intentional opportunity for deeper connection and trust building. Thanks!"

Thresette Briggs, Chief Performance Officer, Performance 3