We All Know What We Should Be Doing

Published: June 20, 2018

We All Know What We Should Be Doing
#RelationshipsMatter #ExecutiveForums

Alex Goldfayn joined the latest Executive Forums meeting to discuss the science of Positive Psychology.

A lot of insight into several simple approaches known to help clients grow sales by 10-20% annually.

Our participants found Alex’s message valuable in terms of creating a positive work culture, branding and the sales process.

Appreciate Bob Baird hosting the meeting and allowing Alex to call an Inverse-Square customer.

Strong leaders are always wanting to learn. That’s what makes these groups special...they want to learn & opportunities are provided for that to happen.

Should you be a member of this group?

Great participation from Mark Hanna, Jason Graf, Brian Stutzman, Toni Richins, MS | SPHR | SHRM-SCP, Tracy Webb, Judy Gripp, Dennis Nash, Dr Kate Price, Vince Freeman, Bryan Richards, Pete Walkey, CPFA #Affinitates