The Ever Changing World of Technology

Published: November 27, 2018


The Ever Changing World of Technology
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Are you the IT leader of your organization?

If so, you would definitely benefit from attending Indy IT Directors Council meetings.






Doug Theis coordinates timely conversations for those making technology decisions.

This recent meeting featured two area leaders.

Thanks to Chip Neidigh of Kairos for sharing with us that it’s not enough to just focus on traditional classroom training to be more effective leaders. 

As our challenges get more complex, it makes all the difference to have a guide that helps integrate new elements and perspectives into our mental models. We all need the counsel of a coach, mentor or guide.

Chip’s message was followed by Jeff Ton of InterVision Systems connecting the changing technology around us with the strategic thinking needed to have effective partnerships.

It was a pleasure catching up with Kimberle Seale, Alexandra Rufatto-Perry (also led an insightful discussion) and Rhonda Tamulonis while meeting others like Joe Haigerty, Eric Flick.

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