Perhaps a Technology Game Changer

Published: December 19, 2017

In the world of relationships, technology can still be a game changer #Affinitates #RelationshipsMatter

Today’s Renaissance Executive Forums Indiana meeting in Indy had both an Education Component and a product demo from member Mark Hanna.

Thanks Monty Riffer for the GOSPA overview. Strategy with accountability is such a powerful thing.

Seeing the unique mobile 3D Scanning technology brings to mind so many potential game-changing applications. From public safety to plant efficiency, it's amazing to see the progression from the mobile device to real pictures being laid over CAD diagrams.

If you can imagine what Google Maps has done for mapping streets and highways, Precision Point, Inc. Is now doing the same thing inside buildings.

Mark Hanna-thanks for bringing your team to answer questions and show what they're able to accomplish... Jay Scanlon, Will Hirschfeld and Peter Abraham.

Thanks for the questions and involvement of the other Executive Forum participants.

Tony Hutti, Greg Huffman, Jason Graf, Christopher L. Barney, Brian Stutzman, Eric Howard, Ross Maue