Is Your Passion Impacting Others

Published: July 23, 2018


Is Your Passion Impacting Others?
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Hello from Paris as our travels through Europe are coming to an end.

Does your passion or purpose play a part in your impacting others?






This old part of the world has tremendous history and provides many lessons if we pay attention.

This last portion of the trip brought us to Paris and the sights have been beautiful. From the palaces to the monuments, there is an amazing amount of beauty and a countless number of lessons to be learned.

Da Vinci was the true renaissance man using paintings, poetry and architecture for his messaging.

Rafael had beautiful paintings.

Louis XIV had a series of gardens to make an impact and communicate a message about the French culture.

There was even a joining of history when World Cup fans celebrated a French team win near the famous Arc de Triomphe. Fans flocked the area much like they would have when celebrating soldiers coming back from the war.

This all made an important point for me.

Those masters were all trying to make a difference, share a message.

We’re all masters in some way.

Our purpose and our why help us channel our efforts so we can make an amazing impact.

Although most of us won’t come up with things that millions are still talking about hundreds of years from now, we still have an opportunity to make an impact.

Does your passion or purpose play a part in your impacting others?

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