What's Your "Relationships Matter" Score?

Published: November 1, 2017

How would you like to have a "Relationships Matter" score? Something to indicate your trustworthiness 

We have a FICO Credit Score...Rachel Botsman describes China building a "culture of sincerity" by developing a Social Credit Score to indicate the trustworthiness of an individual or company (Big Data Meets Big Brother as China Moves to Rate its Citizens)

Would it be good to have a score to determine when we can depend on someone else? Basically an indication if we can trust them or not?

Is that possible?

That sounds scary...but it made me wonder...

Can we have a score indicate how others view the importance of relationships?

I'm particularly interested in thoughts from others I respect in Big Data and Marketing...what do you think?

#Affinitates #RelationshipsMatter