What's 311?

Published: April 19, 2018

What’s 311?

Most of us are familiar with using 911 to get help.

About 60% of 911 calls are not emergencies. So, Marion County implemented the 311 line for those with non-emergency issues.

Gets emergency professionals involved when necessary, while providing route for community to easily access local government services.

The series of N11 (N-One-One) numbers used across the country help a lot.

A few other common ones…
   411…directory assistance
   711…for deaf & hard of hearing
   811…call before you dig

These make it easier for the community to get in touch with the right people for critical services.

How about needs we have in business…

How do you reach the right people for the right conversations?

Do relationships matter for your having success?

Love to hear what makes a difference for you.