What Can We Learn From GenCon

Published: August 9, 2018


What Can We Learn from GenCon?
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I’ve always loved people watching. 

So I recently made my way to the GenCon convention taking place downtown.






I’m not a Gamer myself, but I use some of the unique dice from these games....if you attend one of my events with Affinitates, you’ll learn how 😊

GenCon is the longest running Gaming convention in the world & there were nearly 75,000 participating this year

There were characters from Disney…the Little Mermaid, Maui, Beauty and the Beast.

There was also Mario was driving around. Batman got to spread his wings a bit.

Seemed like there were Wizards and other mysterious creatures everywhere.

If you were looking for Dragons or Pokemon or even Waldo…they were all there.

In case of alien invasion, Storm Troopers and others were there to keep us safe.

Even with that, have to say there were plenty of scary creatures from the dark side.

What really amazed me was the passion these attendees had.

The costumes weren’t like my Sponge Bob box from Halloween.

The attention to detail in all these costumes is out of this world. That’s also true with painting the game pieces. These people spend all their waking hours making sure every last element is perfect.

We don’t want our employees thinking about work around the clock…but can some part of that magic be brought into our business?

How do we develop a culture that brings passion and attention to detail into our business?

Is that possible?

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