Upside Down Christmas Trees?

Published: December 30, 2017

Who came up with turning a Christmas Trees upside down? How about changing business traditions for meeting the right people? #Affinitates #RelationshipsMatter

Are your regular networking activities coming up short for meeting the right people? Maybe your approach is something that should be turned upside down.

Instead of attending events with hundreds trying to sell to each other, perhaps a more intimate gathering of business leaders would add more value.

Would a group of business owners and decision makers sharing their “why” be more productive than handing out your most recent sales brochure?

If so, we should talk about Affinitates. Telling a story to the right people is much more effective than discussing what’s on your web page. Send me a message if you’re interested in learning more.

Below is a small sampling of hundreds of business leaders making a difference for others over the past nine months.

Chip Neidigh, Jason Graf, Bob Baird, Tony Hutti, Kyle DeFur, Deyman Doolittle, Monty Riffer, Kristi Grimm, MBA, Brian Stutzman, Darice Rene, Joe Schulz, Jerry Sarno, Adam Krupp