The Power of CEO Peer Groups

Published: October 3, 2018


The Power of CEO Peer Groups
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Being a Business Owner can be lonely.

Having a trusted group of peers can help fill that void so we don’t feel like we’re on an island when making tough decisions.






I facilitate for Renaissance Executive Forums Indiana & believe strongly in the value of CEO Peer groups.

Take a look at this video of the latest Executive Forums Strategies for Success Planning Retreat. Thanks Tony Hutti for what you do in Indiana.

Thanks for the comments made by members Tim Tyler, Andrea Halpin, Larry Corey, Heather Lee Meixel, Ray Rex, Doug Wait, Michael Chhutani, Chris Vangel and Christine A Lauber CPA. 

Also appreciate the differences made by Mark Hanna, Jason Graf, Brian Stutzman, Eric Howard, Ross Maue, Judy Gripp, Lisa Bachmann, Bill McDonough.

Have you considered a CEO Peer Group?

Send me a message to learn more.

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