Life Sciences Colliding with Business

Published: June 13, 2018

Life Sciences Colliding with Business

Innovation never stops. The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute exists to create collaborative engagements with companies and universities. Rainer Fischer and Jay McGill are certainly providing the leadership to make a difference.

Thanks to Jason Williams from Centric, Inc. for coordinating INcollisions.

From the funding aspect discussed by Ben Pidgeon to Angela B. Freeman talking about the involvement of women in STEM, Life Sciences is hi-lighted as an area being touched by nearly all sectors.

Most intriguing was Yue Webster’s review of Artificial Intelligence being used to solve Life Sciences challenges. Although the process sounds tedious when detailed, the results are amazing.

It’s always great reconnecting with professionals and meeting new ones. Thanks Randy Pryor, Kelvin Okamoto, Raluca Ostafe, Greg Durst for the conversation.