Good Relationships Drive Good Business

Published: February 9, 2018

Good Relationships Help Drive Good Business. DRIVE Indy Helps make Indiana A State that Works.
#Affinitates #RelationshipsMatter

With so many quality leaders in our area, it's no surprise Indiana is highly rated across the board.

Thanks Elaine Bedel, CFP®, President of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, for sharing insights and statistics related to the economic momentum Indiana is experiencing.

Below are a few fun facts about our state (there are many more). Did you know these things?

...Second lowest cost of doing business in the nation (CNBC 2017)
...#1 for quality of government & gov administration (US News 2017)
...A+ in Small Business friendliness ( 2017)
...#1 for shortest distance to the median center of US population
...$100k salary in Indy has buying power of $300k salary in San Francisco

DRIVE Indy consistently comes up with impressive speakers. The attendees are business leaders we all need to know. Was a pleasure talking with a portion of the 50+ there.
Jeff Farren, Neil Richmund, Kyle DeFur, Jim Gilkey, Julie Rank, Chris McGrath, Scott Abbott, Jack Frisby, Tim Christman, Samuel F. Smith II