Generational Hype Got You Down?

Published: September 26, 2017

There are multiple generations of buyers out there. Are you reaching them? trueU can help. #RelationshipsMatter

Everyone talks about Millennials these days. The world as we know it is undoubtedly coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the world is ending.

At a trueU Leadership Series event, Tiffany Sauder of Element Three and Katie Simmermon of SMARI, LLC shared statistics and insights about buying patterns and priority areas for Millennials and GenXers.

As described by Tiffany and Katie, projecting our own expectations/values on others has historically led to our making the wrong assumptions. That means fewer sales and higher employee turnover. An unwillingness to change brings the risk of falling behind competitors.

Communication seems to be the key. Instead of dictating courses of action, allowing a level of collaboration often creates an opportunity to better understand each other's motivating factors. Although the world world has changed, the solution seems to be the same as when time began.

The better we listen and build relationships, the more effective we are.