Christmas at the Zoo...the Shark Sign

Published: December 4, 2017

Christmas at the Zoo…Beautiful colors & impressive animals, but it was a Shark tank sign leaving an impression
#Affinitates #RelationshipsMatter

Weather is a little cool. The lights are amazing. Kids laughing everywhere.

We’re so lucky to have the Indianapolis Zoo. Thanks to people like Julie McDearmon and Liz Mok for getting area companies involved.

The cold-weather critters were expected…tigers, red panda, brown bears, walrus, penguins…but it was a sign in the shark display that jumped out.

Nearly all visitors were reaching into the water to brush against the smaller version of our nightmares. Is the sign referring to sharks in the nearby pool looking for attention?

Or…is it referring to the emotions many feel when trying to develop relationships with the right people to grow their business?

"Make New Connections…Tackle Your Fears…Discover New Possibilities…Open Your Mind and Senses"

What do you think?

Would love to hear about your efforts to meet the right people; Please share your thoughts.