Business Leaders Series July 26 Meridian Restaurant

July 26, 2018 : 11:45am - 1:30am

Upscale New American comfort food served in a rustic-chic space at Meridian Restaurant and Bar...building new relationships just seems to come naturally here.

Thursday, July 26
11:45a - 1:30p

Meridian Restaurant
5694 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46208



How Can I Discover My Unique Purpose?
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Many of us are aware of the power of knowing our purpose, our why.

It helps drive us on those challenging days. The ones with…the son/daughter having trouble accepting “no”…the unreasonable customer…the demanding boss.

For some, it comes easily. For others, it seems to take a lifetime to figure it out.

Today’s Affinitates Business Leaders Luncheon participants were asked:

How can I discover my unique purpose?

As expected from members of the Affinitates Community, the insights shared provide a lot to think about.

From following passions to identifying what brings joy, many interesting points were discussed.

It was significant that many referenced it taking a critical decision point to recognize their purpose and for the light to come on.

Barriers. Having to start over. Pain. Self-Reflection. Realization. Clarity.

What would you add to the conversation?

Thanks for the valuable thoughts shared by Deyman Doolittle, Eric Martz, Jacob Stuart, Vanessa Brown, John Caves, CFP® CAP®, Jason Graf, Nick Pruner, Christine Brinkoetter, Trace Yates